The Governess Was Wanton

I spent a delightful afternoon with Julia, her new release that comes out tomorrow!

The Governess Was Wanton is the second book in Julia's The Governess Series. And while I didn't think anything could top the good doctor and Elizabeth Porter (who make a very charming cameo in Book Two), it's possible The Governess Was Wanton surpassed it. Major swoon. Major. 

This is a book with heat and heart! I devoured Wanton in one sitting--though I wanted to savor it. I really meant to savor it because I haven't been reading much lately. Just working, working, working. And this was my reward. But I have no willpower when it comes to a well-told yarn, and, was impossible to put this book down. 

The slow build of Mary and Lord Asten's relationship paid off in an emotional and powerful HEA. (Reader, I teared up.) 

If you haven't read The Governess Was Wicked, the first book in the series, what are you waiting for? (You can definitely start with Wanton--though I'm a purist and say you absolutely need to read Wicked first.) Julia is a master of exploring the tensions of Victorian London's strict expectations of femininity and the nuanced challenged faced by women employed as governesses. I hope you love this series as much as I do...I can't wait to get my hands on the final book in the series! 

The Governess Was Wanton will be available on October 10, 2016 at your favorite eBook retailer:     AMZ     B&N     iBooks     Kobo

P.S. I received an ARC of The Governess of Wanton on NetGalley, but I pre-ordered it ages ago. :)