Steak May Be King, But Dallas Loves Veggies, Too. I Promise.

Full disclosure: I grew up in west Texas, so I'm not really sure what all that green stuff is on plates. Is it decoration? KIDDING. Veggies are cool, and my vegetarian and vegan friends are, too. 

Here's a list of Dallas Veggie/Vegan options for those of you coming to Dallas for the RT Convention in May. This list is not exhaustive--rather, it's the greatest hits. Places I have personally been to and/or places that come highly recommended by my friends. (My all-time GREATEST DALLAS HITS can be found here.)

All vegetarian all the time options:

Cosmic Café: this is definitely an experience. Don’t go if you’re pressed for time. You will not enjoy yourself—and you probably won’t get to eat. Allot a nice long time to chat with your friends and take in the calm and cool atmosphere. Also, check the website for class listings. Yes, class listings. I said it was an experience, didn’t I?

It’s Texas, so the spinach enchiladas are a hit. But the I Hate Eggplant is the showstopper menu item, in my opinion.

Now, I haven’t actually been to Kalachandjis, but my veggie friends do rave about it. It’s in a Hare Krishna temple and is, reportedly, the best in Dallas. An affordable and delightful spot: suggested donation.

spiral diner is 100% vegan (with gluten free and soy free options). If you can’t find something you like at Spiral Diner, you must not be a human being. Actually, I think robots would love this place. Unless they’re allergic to cashews and almonds--which I am--so make sure you read menu items carefully and ask your server. I have quite enjoyed the Big Kahuna Burger when I visit there. 

A quick cab ride through downtown to east Dallas (close to the Baylor hospital system) is Sykamore. But my super cool friend Rachel likes this place, so I think you'll like it, too. (Be on the lookout for hot docs!) 

The following restaurants aren't all-veggie, but they're mostly veggie and/or have exhaustive vegetarian/vegan options:

Zen sushi: Can I tell you how much I love eating here with folks because I don’t eat seafood. Like, seafood does not touch these lips (west Texas born and bred, remember?). So the vegetarian options are a miracle for me when my friends suggest sushi. I’m a big fan of the shitake roll and the asparagus roll

There are vegan/gluten free tacos, y'all, at Peak & Elm. I've heard they're good. (Me, I kill myself one meaty meal at a time--and I like the Tamale Pie here.) And, to be honest, most of the TexMex places are pretty sensitive to vegetarian options. Vegan...not so much. So that's why Peak & Elm is special. 

Shivas Bar and Grill on lower Greenville is a newish place. Indian food. So. Good. Lots of excellent vegetarian options—though to be totally honest I had meat when I came. I’m from west Texas, y’all, I just can’t  be a vegetarian. That would be like slapping my granddaddy.

Brand new and in my hood—so nowhere near downtown dallas: True Food. It's in the same shopping center as SPRINKLES CUPCAKES which serves a vegan cupcake, I do believe, so yay. It's also underneath the University Park Library, so if you need a quiet place to think, head on up the elevators to the second floor. Say hi to Sharon for me. She's the best. 

But I digress. True Food. It's so good. I order the "Inside Out" Quinoa Burger, and it is unreal. But the last time I went, I had the spaghetti squash casserole which made me want to cry. So good. Their menu is very clearly labeled with vegan and vegetarian options—and gluten free.

Speaking of gluten free, there are a lot of great GF options at most dallas restaurants. Just ask. (As I know you know to do.) But I do want to tell you about Kozy Kitchen. They're 100% GF and do some takeout--and since there are refrigerators at the conference hotel...

And of course ye vegans and vegetarians know that Whole Foods has lovely prepared meals--the one in Oak Lawn isn't that far from the conference hotel, FYI. (Again, so not walkable.)