How Do I Get From DFW or Love Field to Downtown Dallas on the DART?

Of course I picked the 25° morning to conduct my DART from DFW (slash Love Field) to the Hyatt Regency investigation. This is how much I love you all, RT Con folks. 

Brass tacks: for the tl;dr crowd, I've got a a pro/con list. For everyone else, there are some links (and pictures) at the end plus some final thoughts. 

I'm writing this blog post on the DART back to DFW, so I'll try to fix glaring errors and make links pretty when I'm not on my teeny phone. 

Remember, I'm just a good citizen of Romancelandia; I'm not employed by RT, DFW, Love Field, DART...or anyone! If you have any questions, just tweet or email me! 

See y'all real soon.


  • $2.50 vs $$ cab or uber fare*
  • Good for environment 
  • Scenic-ish
  • No traffic jams (theoretically)
  • Super easy at DFW--end of line so you cannot get on the wrong train. 
  • Potential for meets-cute (although a billionaire would probably helicopter to downtown, and not fly commercial...)
  • Go Pass App** makes it super easy to purchase tickets/in advance 
  • You could technically depart at Love Field and meet up with a friend//take cab downtown together


  • Takes for flipping ever from DFW: I'm basically 80 years old now
  • Schlepping luggage (esp Love Field where you must use elevator to get from bus/ground level)***
  • At Love Field, waiting for bus (15-20m)
  • It's not a straight shot: ALL transfer at West End Station to the blue/red line to Union Station to take tunnel to Hyatt Regency. 

Personally, if I were flying into DFW, I'd try to coordinate with friends' arrivals and take a cab or Uber (or another flat rate car service) to downtown Dallas. But then again I'm lazy and a horrible human who only cares for her comfort. 

Here was my timeline. (It's gonna take you at least an hour, folks, one way from DFW; although, on the way back it took about 45 minutes. So you never know.)

  • Time left DFW: approx 11:15 am
  • Time arrive Love Field station: 11:54am
  • Time arrive West End: 12:04 // 12:11 (switched trains)
  • Time arrive Union: 12:13
  • Time arrive Hyatt: 12:15 

Note: Doors for the Hyatt Regency Tunnel lock at 10pm AND DON'T open again until 10am. 


*$45 from DFW flat rate taxi

$19 from Love flat rate taxi 

Approx $35(Love)/$75(DFW) UBER Black, per Fare Quote

**Of course you can buy paper tickets at a kiosk with cash or credit, but the app is super easy if you're a smartphone user. I'd recommend downloading it and authorizing your account before leaving home. Then, when you're taxiing to get to the gate, open app, buy and authorize your ticket. 

***and cross street to other side at West End to catch red/blue line to Union Station // cross to track one (to the left) at Union for elevator to Hyatt tunnel.