Blind Date with a Book: Julia Kelly, Matchmaker

Sooooooooooooo. Alexis Anne is the ultimate matchmaker for this fun February extravaganza. She matched us all up (Julia Kelly, AL Parks, Tracie Puckett, plus AA herself and ME) for this first go around. Just a fun little thing to perk up our winters. (Her matchmaking video was darling; check it out of you'd like to see the other pairings.) 

Today, my Blind Date arrived via USPS, and, dear reader, I couldn't wait for this evening, so I ran home after lunch to rip open that cardboard FRE and get it onnnnn with my literary love. 

And since books don't care about such things: I also couldn't wait for beautiful lighting or a head of clean, pretty hair, but, without further ado, here is my blind date reveal.  

Note: please turn sound down if your dogs/cats/children are sensitive to weird semi-operatic warblings of a person getting over the crud. :)



Wow. YouTube, let's talk about unflattering lock-screen images...or whatever they're called.