The First Unofficial Official Day of 2015

It is a new year. 

I know. I know. It has been a new year for some days now according to the calendar. And I even sat down with the calendar to write down some flexi-goals a la Bria Quinlan. But because of some ice and snow issues in west Texas, I was obliged to stay with my mom and dad a bit longer than I had planned. Don't get me wrong: being there is most definitely home and joyful. It's just hard to be disciplined when I am out there. Oh, I'll drive you to the store, Mom. Make another cuppa? I believe I shall. Pet the poodle on the couch--I think he wants me to take a nap with him. I'll just read another three chapters because Daddy isn't back from work yet. Hallmark movie! HGTV!!!!!! 

See how that goes? 

But now that I am back in my wee urban cottage--lounging on my day bed (with a few lap blankets because holy hell it is cold in here!)--it finally feels like I'm really looking at that big, cosmic blank page that is 2015. 

That Hanks Writer app I bought but never used (until now) is pretty rad. 

That Hanks Writer app I bought but never used (until now) is pretty rad. 

I say a new year should begin Monday morning of the first full week in January. Make it so. 

The sun is shining, and I daresay the birds are chirping in Dallas today. Once I warm up this old drafty house of mine, I'm heading off to a viewing party of "The Bachelor" with some girlfriends. One of my dear friends made it through some of the casting process for this season...but not far enough. Sadly, we won't be cheering her on. I won't have all the INSIDE SCOOP about the behind-the-scenes minutiae...and drama! Though I do think we shall be drinking to her health each time that farmer boy makes out with another girl. Friend of mine, I think you lucked out. ;)

So the first official unofficial day of 2015 is pretty awesome: I hugged my parents; Mom made me biscuits and gravy; I enjoyed a safe drive back to DFW; and I'm spending the evening with good friends where laughter and absurdity will be served up like haute cuisine. 

Wishing you all the things that make you happy--or at least a few of them. 


And our thought for 2015: Ignore the noise and seek beauty.