Back In the Saddle Again

So much for a being back to my normal routine. Instead of hopping from cafe to coffee shop to cozy cottage to write and work, I find myself at home...again...a week after I just left. So lots of Dragon Dictation and random scribbles in notebooks. I'll sort them all out later this week. 

On the road to west Texas

This is one of my favorite vistas on the drive out west. And, despite the bug-gut windshield, I love this quick picture I snapped. The wintry sky. The parched ground. It's home, plain and simple. If you've read my story in SUMMER RAIN, "Storm Warning," you'll recognize this as Tom and Amy country. It's Haughton country, too. 

My big brother will be here in an hour--I am beyond excited to see him. As much as I adore his kiddos and LOVE being Aunt Lexi, it's nice to be just the four Haughtons again. Last night I made his favorite dessert, and, despite the sad circumstances that brought us all back together this week, we'll enjoy the sweetness. 

Here are some bits of beauty for you to enjoy. Remember to ignore the noise and seek beauty.