Mirror, mirror on the wall...

It’s been about two years since I quit fannying about* and got serious about pursuing a writing career. No, not about two years, it has been two years

Back when I was considering making a move from solid, stable, and totally rewarding employment to iffy, shaky, and totally rewarding unemployment (let’s face it, until I sign and sell, I am pretty much unemployed--and even then, there are no guarantees), I made a plan. A GRAND PLAN. 

At the top, of course, was the most outrageous goal: I will have a successful career as a writer.

Yep. That’s the outrageous goal. Not sell a billion copies. Not be the next Nora Roberts. Not sign with X agent. Just: have a successful career as a writer. 

Over these two years, that GRAND PLAN hasn’t changed. Now, the medusa-like bits and bobs coming from that main goal have absolutely shifted and changed. I’m constantly looking at the GRAND PLAN and re-evaluating my progress, redefining what success means to me, trying to react to market changes. Sometimes on paper, sometimes just a morning gut-check. 

As I flipped #TheYearToBe___ master calendar this week (feels like THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE sometimes) and happened upon INTROSPECTIVE as the word, once again I felt a cosmic sense of rightness. I definitely need to do some major restructuring on the GRAND PLAN. 

How about you? 

The other day on Twitter, Katie Dunneback  (@YoungLibrarian), asked if her fellow writers had business plans, so I know y’all are thinking about this. I’d love to continue that conversation...

Oh, and the Big Daddy Warbucks Giveaway has two winners**. I’m in the process of emailing you, Whitney and Nicole Helm! YAY!!



 *I love that line in BJD

**Yes, I basically played MASH to find the winners. ;)