The Big Daddy Warbucks Giveaway

This weekend, I blogged about doing a Pay-It-Forward type giveaway--something with no strings attached (no Rafflecopters, no you must do X, Y, Z to win, none of that). A fun just-because giveaway, because the romance reader and writer communities have given me so much over the years. And if you haven't yet hopped over to Read-A-Romance Month, you should! (After finishing my post, of course!) 

I thought about the bajillion things I could give away, worried that if I bought specific things, people might not love/want/need them. But then I thought, that's silly, you've got great style, Lexi Haughton, and your blog readers and Twitter followers would probably enjoy a cache of functional and fabulous gifties to arrive in their mailboxes. 

So this giveaway will be filled with LEXI HAUGHTON'S FAVORITE THINGS


To win, just leave a comment on this blog post or send me an email if the comments are being wonky. That's it. No somersaults. No backflips. A comment--can be anything from gimme to a story about your favorite romance. Please make sure your email address (never visible to the public!) is on the form so I know how to contact you if you're a winner! 

In fact, I think this giveaway IS SO BIG, I'm going to give away TWO sets of prizes. Think of it like a mystery grab-bag, but instead of cheap junk, you'll get awesome, LEXI-APPROVED AWESOMENESS. So two lucky people will get a package in the mail from me that will include a few of the following:

  • Graphic Image metallic jotter--I use mine ALL THE TIME. It's made of the most exquisite champagne-colored goatskin leather (attention vegan friends, I'll sub out something equally as awesome, but more vegan-friendly, if you win and let me know you'd rather not receive the jotter). 
  • Tata Harper's BE ADORED lip treatment is my favorite faux-lipstick. It doesn't have junky ingredients, smells divine, and has a hint of color. 
  • Gift certificate to your favorite eBook retailer (PS that's just something I had in my purse when I took the picture. You can be assured I'll ask you to select your favorite etailer--and that the amount will be more than $10!).
  • Pretty paper products and GLORIOUS pens.
  • Hard copies of books I've picked up along the way (at RT and RWA and more).
  • And maybe something HANDMADE by me, Miz Alexandra Haughton, for your lifelong enjoyment. 


The fine print: 

US/Canada only, void where prohibited. Please, one comment/email per person. I won't collect your email/mailing address in any way for future mailings, but, if you'd like, you can certainly sign up for my NEWSLETTER. Individual winners will not receive all items listed. Leave your comment/send your email by August 31, 2014 at 11:59pm (Central). I'll pick two winners at random and contact them the first week in September.