Just Call Me Daddy Warbucks

Actually, don’t call me that. I won’t answer to it.

You already know that last week I was in the wilds of Arizona with the littles. Well, the Oldest Little is now my favorite Oldest Little because she sang along with me to THE SOUND OF MUSIC and she chose to watch ANNIE on her Kindle Fire while we were waiting for dinner one night. And then we talked about it, how awesome it was for Annie, who had nothing, to suddenly have everything she ever wanted—but more importantly, how awesome it was that Daddy Warbucks and Grace loved her so much.

That kid. She’s so fabulous.

So, when I opened my fancypants paper calendar today to look what this week’s #TheYearToBe___ word was, when I saw GENEROUS, I couldn’t help but think back to that conversation.

This week, I’m going to do a little paying it forward.

When Shari Slade shared with me her recent post for READ A ROMANCE MONTH, I confessed to her she made it rain on my face and that I wanted to do a #SladeItForward style giveaway at some point.

And dear reader, I think that point is now.

So stay tuned, I’ll add details about the MEGA FABULOUS DADDY WARBUCKS STYLE GIVEAWAY I’m hosting this week. Okay, so it’ll be more like something little Orphan Annie could afford because I don’t have Warbucks’ bank. But it will be fun. It will be fabulous. And it will be full of things you can keep for yourself or give to someone you love. 

So pop on up to that header bar (header, heh) and click on NEWSLETTER (under the CONTACT drop-down list) to make sure you're in the know. Wondrous things could be yours!