Curiosity Saved the Cat

If you are a newbie to writing and/or a first-timer at RWA Annual Conference, the phrase “goal, motivation, and conflict” (or its abbreviation GMC) must have seemed like a secret password. But not really so very secret, because it’s not whispered or mimed. Although that would be awesome. Maybe we can get a secret writer handshake.

Wait…is there a secret writer handshake that I don’t know about?

The conference was full of GMC. I had breakfast with my Wyoming writers (more on this SOON) and did some major goal setting. One of the sessions I moderated was Madeline Hunter’s workshop on motivation. And though I had a prior commitment during Sarah MacLean’s Saturday session, I couldn’t help but retweet a revised tweet with my favorite Sarah Mac-ism: conflict lives in the but(t)s.

#RWA14 was awesome. I won’t spend a lot of time doing a recap because two thousand other amazing and talented men and women are posting/have posted theirs. Just check out my tweets or instagram and you’ll see my wide, white, happy full-moon face time and again in selfies and group shots and get the idea of what RWA was like. 

Ooh...that's a pretty screen cap from IG this morning. I always forget the web version makes that pretty collage up top. Fancy


Nationals is Romance Camp at its best—six days and five nights (or so) of giggling, and indulgence, and fun…and fabulousness. Sure there’s shared bathrooms and that whiny feeling deep inside. That oh-my-gravy-I-can’t-do-every-session-I-want-tooooooooooo-I’m-missing-something-goooooood feeling. But the food is a billion times better than camp food (except for that weird barbecue sauce on the chicken and rice at the keynote) and the beds a billion times better than camp beds (except for the bedbugs some folks experienced and PLEASE GOD DON’T LET ME HAVE HAD THEM/BROUGHT THEM HOME). There is no elegant way to recap--I'd miss something fabulous, for sure. 

Unlike Little-Lexi who came home from sleepaway camp and dance camp and crashed for a week, I only allowed myself a day (okay, a day and a half) of easing back into things. A relaxing brunch on Sunday morning with Julia Kelly and Alexis Anne did wonders to help me begin to transition back into the real world. It was like the best of both worlds: a normal, fun Sunday brunch BUT with bonus Author Friends. And a spa afternoon at Mokara with Kristy Demas…well, there are no words. Except maybe DANG.

Yesterday I gave myself permission to not freak out about the ENORMOUS revisions in front of me, and the requests I need to send out, and…and…and…

Today, it’s back to work as usual. I just have to keep my goal in mind, know why I want what I want, and figure out a way to overcome all that nasty conflict in my mind. So much has changed since my RWA13 post. So. Much. I am so excited to see what this next year brings. 

Oh! And that Curiosity SAVE(D) THE CAT nonsense in the title? It was #TheYearToBe___ CURIOUS last week. :)