The Year to…forget all the words and just try to make it to the next day.

Thank goodness there are fifty-two weeks in the year so I have a chance to recoup the missing alphabet letters in the next cycle.

#TheYearToBe___ social swallowed up tolerant and unstoppable, and, whoa here I am at voracious already.

RT14 found me meeting up with friends and pitching and being all kinds of A+++ SOCIAL in NOLA, but what I thought was allergies from the crummy featherbed turned out to be a diagnosis of pneumonia and strict instructions to do nothing but sleep and hydrate.

I lost a few weeks of forced introspection (. . . and a few weeks of work and ohmygosh I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase) to fever and weak lungs and sadness. Though, I must say that I had to learn to be tolerant of my weakened state—I’m grateful to be healthy and that this was my first experience being really down for the count!—and unstoppable even when I felt like I’d been stopped cold. Because edits for SUMMER RAIN would not stop for death, er, pneumonia.

Here I am. It is the first week in June. Almost half a year has passed since I first started my #TheYearToBe___. And I am like Cookie Monster here grabbing for life and work and yes dammit cookies. (Silly steroids.)

And that SUMMER RAIN I mentioned earlier? Its release is almost here (June 9th). I read through the eARC yesterday, and, let’s shoot straight here, it is un-freaking-believable. I cannot wait for you to make your way through story after story of love and hope.