X Marks The Spot

Xenial. Yes, it has come to this. It’s X week over at #TheYearToBe___ HQ. And since our CEO is kind of particular about following rules, we couldn’t be satisfied with eXtra type cheats. So XENIAL it is.

It’s not a terribly useful word in everyday parlance. Unless you happen to be proprietor of a charming B&B. Or are a diplomat. (I am neither.)

From the OED: Of the nature of, or pertaining to, the relation between host and guest: applied to a friendly relation between two persons of different countries, or between a person and a foreign country.

But look. How xenial I’m already being, welcoming not only a guest but a guest of a different species to the blog this morning. He’s such a great help. 


Such an eXacting editor. (Oh man, I wasn't going to encourage such verbal shenanigans--and yet....)