First Kiss Blog Hop

Do you remember that video that Twitter and Facebook went nuts over a few weeks ago? You know, the one with strangers kissing? Yeah, that one. Well, it was pretty rad and it hit Romancelandia in the sweet spot. 

That squirmy, embarrassing, totally awesome spot that made me go oooooooh. (And, also: plot bunny!)

I wasn't alone. 

Attraction is…attractive.

A few of us got together over email and decided we wanted to play with the idea, so a flash-fiction blog hop was the perfect way for twenty authors (and even more, now!) to explore that squirmy, embarrassing, totally awesome sweet spot that is a first kiss. 

Every day from April 7th through April 14th, participating authors will post their stories to their websites. Audra North, our fearless kissy kissy wrangler, has posted an awesome lineup on her blog with all the social media links you'll ever need. 

I've been SWOONING over each day's offerings. Y'all. I'm bringing up the rear on the 14th, so check back here for mine...if you're still alive after nine days of #FirstKiss fabulousness. 

(Keep in mind some of the links won't be active until the scheduled flash-fiction date!)

April 7:

April 8:

April 9:

 April 10:

April 11:

April 12:

April 13:

April 14:


First Kiss Blog Hop