The P-word

I have a very clear mental image of this 70s crewelwork/needlepoint thing that used to hang in my mom's utility room. (Heck, it still might!)

It was beige and brown and orange--with a soothing dash of hot pink. "God, grant me patience" in simple lettering at the top...side? (Huh, guess that mental image isn't so clear.) The rather pedestrian WASPy sentiment was accompanied by a cannon and an incongruous display of flowers.

But what was so fabulous about this piece? What kept it from being one of a million other inspirational needlepoint pieces. Out of the cannon shot a huge thought bubble and the letters N-O-W. 

My mom was apparently the original subversive stitcher. I love it (and her). God grant me patience...NOW! Isn't that just the way we impatient folk feel?

Mother also used to tell me the story of a friend who prayed for patience...and gave birth to triplets. 

So this week, as you've hopefully noted, #TheYearToBe___ word is patient. I apologize that the post made it up only at the end of the week. I was busy with Easter holidays and then my Birthdayweek™ celebrations and a lot of shenanigans with Mom. (Thanks for being patient.)

Hey, if you're not inspired by stories of subversive stitchery, how about a lil' GNR?  

(Also filed under: dang, I wish I could whistle.) 


UPDATE: apparently my "very clear mental image" is all kinds of fuzzy. Here's the item in question...still totally RAD.