Putting Out

Somewhere along the way I went from would-talk-to-a-lamppost girl to please-don't-make-me-converse-with-strangers girl. (Though "girl" isn't the most precise word, I cannot bring myself to type "woman." Weird. Maybe this is a topic for another #TheYearToBe___ confessional.)

So here's a shout out to all of the people who jot down notes (okay, a full script) before placing a phone call. This week, put yourself out there.

Be OUTGOING. Here, maybe sparkles will help. Meditate on this:


Spirit sprinkles to all of the people who must attend a social gathering for work or for a partner's work this week!

Soothing murmurs of "I know it's hard," when the cashier at Whole Foods comments on your every item and asks you if you've ever cooked with coconut oil or if you're just putting it in your hair.

Extra super duper brownie points to those who make the first move.  

Report back!

(I had a two-minute conversation with the barista at B&N today about writing. Full disclosure: of course I didn't initiate it. Maybe tomorrow.)