Wise Like Solomon

It’s Spring Break here in the DFW area; although, I'm wearing a fleece this morning instead of a sundress.

I enjoyed so many Spring Breaks (Springs Break?) in my billion years in school, as both student and professional. My mom and I usually went on a fabulous adventure together--starting out with girls' shopping trips to Dallas (remember, I grew up in the wilds of west Texas, so that trip was always a delight!) and getting progressively awesomer. Think New York, Hawaii, and Italy.

This is the second year I don’t have an official Spring Break. It’s a little bit sad, but I will celebrate in my own way by being a hermit—there are people crawling all over the place! And maybe I'll clean off my desk and buy a $5 bunch of posies at the grocery store. 

Last week I was impulsive; this week, judicious. (Oh, NYE-me must’ve giggled when populating #TheYearToBe___ list.)

No great philosophical musings this week, but I present you with an image of me being judicious.

Magic Mouse

Yes, I made a purchase, but I purchased the Magic Mouse (need) instead of the iPad mini (want). 

PS--am I the only one who thinks it looks like a fancy pleasure aid? Ahem.