2014 #TheYearToBe___ Wraps Up

It’s not the end of the year quite yet. I know. But, considering the eleven weeks of gaping silence on my #TheYearToBe___ posts, I figured you wouldn’t mind so much. (For those of you playing along at home, we missed: meditative, neat, optimistic, productive, quiet, resourceful, strong, thoughtful, upbeat, versatile, well-read, xenophilic, yummy, and zealous. Actually, there’s still time for the XYZ. So scratch off and win!)

I’m not ready to goal-set for 2015 yet—or at least I am not ready to voice those goals out loud. But I can tell you I shan’t be setting myself up for failure! Because that’s what 2014 really seems like to me: a year to totally write off as an utter failure.

What happened? Where did it go? What happened to all of my best laid plans? And no, #TheYearToBe___ blogging schedule isn’t all I’m talking about here. But it is part of the larger whole.  2014: The Lost Year.

But in the midst of all those items I want to take a big rubber FAIL stamp to, I can see moments of beauty. Of joy. Of success. Of happiness. Of life.

Maybe I am ready to announce some goals for 2015: ignore the noise and seek beauty.