Going to RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas? Get Travel Tips from Your Favorite Dallasite...ME!

Going to #RT15 in Dallas? Hi, I'm Lexi Haughton, and I'll be your unofficial official tour guide to my adopted hometown of DALLAS!

Over the next few months, I will be blogging some awesome insider-only tips for Dallas. But this first post concerns travel. Air travel. 

There are two major airports in the area: DFW and Love Field (DAL). 

Now, when I was a little girl growing up in West Texas, we used to joke that you had to fly through Dallas to get to heaven. Most Texans couldn't really fly anywhere direct. But a lot of this is changing as of 13 October with the end of the Wright Amendment

Full disclosure: I'm not employed by Southwest airlines…or any airlines…or by the RT Convention. I'm just someone who lives and plays in the Dallas area and wants to help out fellow Romancelandians.

So, just a helpful tip, don't forget about Love Field. It is closer to the conference hotel than DFW is, so your cab/shuttle/Über ride into downtown might be cheaper--you will want to do some reconnaissance on that. (Or maybe I will in the next few months.) And because of the end of the Wright Amendment, you might actually be able to get a pretty sweet deal on a nonstop flight to DAL. 

However, DFW also has its advantages. It is serviced by many more airlines, so, you know, free market economy at work. (Plus it also has freaking amazing restaurant selection in the international terminal if you have a long layover or get to the airport super early because of a roommate or ride share situation.) The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) just added a light rail connector from DFW to downtown. So that is super convenient, too. 

It doesn't matter how you get here; just get here. This Dallas insider is excited to meet you! Feel free to ask me any questions. Leave a comment or email or catch me on Twitter