Pollyanna and a Frat Party Playlist

Week Three #TheYearToBe___ CHEERFUL (This one is dedicated to my Dallas bestie, the most outrageously cheerful person I know.)

Cheerful is kind of an old fashioned word. It brings to mind yellow, daisies, stripes. And color. Lots of bright, shiny color.

A quick Pinterest or Google image search of “cheerful” will yield lots of this. In fact, just looking at these images whilst in the throes of a grody head cold from hell makes me smile.

Cheer is pretty darn contagious. Just think about Pollyanna and the glad game. Cantankerous Mrs. Snow thought Pollyanna was an impertinent little brat, but a few sessions of prism stringing and rounds of “the glad game” and she was out of her sick bed and back in the world.

The thing about cheer is, you can’t really fake it. Well, you can, but the people around you can tell. And nobody, not even Pollyanna, not even my Dallas bestie, can be cheerful all the time. That would be obnoxious in the extreme.

Being cheerful can be a natural disposition but it can also be a choice—a choice to focus on the positive, the good, what makes you happy.

Even on drab, gloomy, down in the dumps days, I can listen to a song and it will make me happy, if for a little while. So behold, a list of cheerful songs.

(Interestingly enough, these songs are mostly from my “Michigan Frat Party” playlist.)


“Fat Bottomed Girls” Queen

“I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)” The Proclaimers

“ABC” The Jackson Five

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” Guns n Roses

“It’s Raining Men”

“Holding Out for a Hero” Bonnie Tyler

“Come One Eileen” Dexys Midnight Runners

Pretty much anything Beastie Boys or U2

“Need You Tonight” INXS (GAWD, when he whispers “come over here”)

“Rumpshaker” Wreckx n Effect

“Higher Ground” RHCP

“I’m Too Sexy” Right Said Fred

“Love Fool” The Cardigans

“Wannabe” Spice Girls

“Baby Got Back” Sir Mix A Lot

“The Way You Make Me Feel” MJ

“Spiderwebs” No Doubt

“Fancy” Reba McIntyre

“Another One Bites the Dust” Queen

“Lady” Little River Band

“Mony Mony” Billy Idol

“Pour Some Sugar on Me” Def Leppard


What songs are on your list?