Oh, craft!

Give an old iPhone cord new life with your favorite washi tape in 10 minutes or less!

Neon pink and gold is always a winning combination. 

Neon pink and gold is always a winning combination. 

I love craft projects. The beautiful picture in your head of the finished product. The gorgeous materials you shopped for, specially, or already had hanging out in your craft room. The feats of artistry when creativity and fine motor skills collide. 

But the execution…sometimes doesn't match that picture in your head.

In fact, sometimes the execution is so far from that beautiful picture in your head it is almost unrecognizable. 

Who made that?

That last question is a doozy. It sits on your shoulder whispering, "dear GAWD, that is a vile creation" or if you're lucky "holy bananas, self, I didn't know we were capable of such awesome!" 

Craft projects and writing have a lot in common. Right now, my latest WIP is following the "vile creation" whisperings. It's just...not what I thought it would be. 

And my latest craft project? It's also a little (okay, a lot) unrecognizable from the awesome picture I had in my head. 



But you know what? I can remove the tape and start again. Ask a fellow crafter for advice. Live with the flaws because the colors make me happy. Or I could give up crafting all together. 

(You do know that last isn't an option, don't you?)

The same applies to my writing. I'll keep craftin. 

PS--after the great washi/cord debacle, I did a wee google search. This is way cool. Check out this easy tutorial at Design Love Fest