It all started when Lindsay Emory and Alexandra Haughton organized the GET IT TOGETHER BLOG HOP of 2015. 

Fast forward to 2016: we're still nosy--still dying to know how you're staying organized and getting it together--but we thought it would be fun to include our readers as well as our writer friends. 

In August, join us on Instagram with the hashtag #ReadWritePlan.

On July 27, 2016, THE LIST will go live. (And so will links to some templates if you're into that kind of thing: click here.) 

And check out our GIVEAWAY...


Download digital wallpapers (for desktop and mobile devices/gadgets) & planning printables on our #ReadWritePlan creative drive. <3



Calling all #PlannerAddicts

Find the organizers on Instagram:

Lindsay Emory

Alexandra Haughton


Check out what folks are posting on the Insta hashtag #ReadWritePlan