Five for Friday: Travel Edition

Quickie #5ForFriday tonight since I'm just at a stopover at my mom and dad's house before heading out to Sedona tomorrow! #TheYearofPossibilities is in full swing, people, and life is beautiful.

  • Spent the morning fixing eggs for the poodle-brother (as seen on insta) and working from my satellite my ratty old house dress. BLISS.
  • Impromptu invitation from my sister-in-law to run up to the Littles' school and see littlest little's project. It was the cutest and the coolest. Kids are so rad. Especially ours. 
  • Fantabulous parmesan crusted chicken lunch with Mum. (Followed by a shared red velvet cupcake chaser.)
  • The 1/2 red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles should really get its own bullet point. Because cream cheese frosting.
  • Laundry done (yes, I left my house in Dallas and did laundry out here and I'm an adult and have a working washer and dryer in my own cozy cottage) and am getting things laid out for my trip to Sedona and Santa Fe! 

Oh, and I changed my social media avatar and headshot.

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Different pic. Same face. (It me!) 


#5ForFriday: whoops edition

I was having such a gorgeous Friday, I forgot to hit publish on this blog post when I finished it yesterday. 

It's Friday! It's March! I blogged about the coming of spring yesterday and pretty much coughed rainbow glitter sprinkles on everyone. Today, I'm just as disgustingly happy. 

So it is without further ado that today's Five for Friday is... 


Money can't buy happiness. But sometimes it can buy some things that make us happy. Here's a quick rundown of what I am loving (and loving to share!) lately. 

More on the essential oil front, the ladies of HBICNation have adopted dōTERRA's MOTIVATE as our essential oil blend of choice.

I can't describe it. It's just magic. (Includes: Peppermint Plant, Clementine Peel, Coriander Seed, Basil Herb, Yuzu Peel, Melissa Leaf, Rosemary Leaf, Vanilla Bean.)

I've put a bunch on order, so if you'd like to try the gloriousness for yourself, email me...or another rep you love. <3

Aura Cacia Chakra Balancing Oil: whether you believe in the woowoo or not, this stuff smells fantabulous. I shared with my ladies at the #HBICRetreat2017 and we love it's subtle scent. And the power it brings. (Sing out, sisters!)

You can grab yours at Whole Foods, Sprouts, or Amazon. One bottle lasts forever, even if you use it incessantly. Ahem. 

I've been reading some nonfiction lately that I highly recommend. (I took an introductory course on Mindful Self-Compassion in January and have lots. of. thoughts.) I'd love for you to pick these books up so we can chat about them!! (I bet your library has them on Overdrive and in print. Get on the waiting list or grab your own copies.) 

And my final item of beauty for the neighbor's Texas Redbud. It's mesmerizing...

I posted an InstaStories on it blowing in the breeze yesterday--it was magnificent.

Didn't see it? Don't miss another moment of AH hilarity (and fabulousness): make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM and watch my stories. <3


Springing Forward and Super Fresh Everything

Even though it hurts me a little to write that (I'm a winter girl in a land that no longer has winter, apparently), I'm all kinds of excited for the spring season. Fresh foods. Flowers in bloom. Patio time. And slow, easy walks before it gets nasty hot and humid here in DFW...spring is full of delights. 

It's like THE YEAR OF POSSIBILITIES (my phrase for 2017 that I dreamed up when planning and forecasting my year) is actually starting to take shape and shoot pretty little green things up through the dirt!

I'm sorry (not sorry) for bombarding you with images of my #HBICReatreat2017 on social media. It was a magical long weekend for me--and lucky duck that I am, I managed to extend the Romancelandia love by staying in DC for a few extra days to meet with book bloggers and authors I adore. (Why can't I spend my life traveling and hanging out with everybody I love? Yes, that includes you!)

The crud came upon me once I got home, however, but it was short-lived after a few days of taking it super easy in bed...reading my RITA© books. Aside from that blip, my health and wellness initiative is being disgustingly effective. (Though don't worry about me; I still had a burrito the size of my (giant) face today!) 


PS My InstaStories are off the hook...Are you watching them???

PS My InstaStories are off the hook...Are you watching them???

I'm continuing my love affair with acupuncture and added in a new practice this week. I'm feeling so good, I confessed yesterday to Audra, my beloved acupuncturist, that I trust the process...but I'm still a little worried that the other shoe is going to drop. (PS That's totally normal.)

But right now, it feels like everything is fresh and fabulous and I'm teetering on the edge of something beautiful. AND I'M READING AGAIN. Right? I'd been in a reading slump since last fall, and it feels good to shake that loose. So give me all of your recommendations for filthy sweet fabulous romance.

Don't fret: I'm also working on lots of SEEKRIT PROJECTS. Romanced by the Cover is going strong and I'm working on a brand new project that is exciting the pants off of me (metaphorically)...and my characters (literally). ;) 

Five for Friday: Restorative Edition

Home from a magical whirlwind of Romancelandia love on the east coast...and now I have something that isn't quite con crud but is keeping me down a little. 

So I'm conducting business from bed! (Like a fortune cookie but with less sugar.)  

Here are five lovely things about my Friday:

1. RITA BOOKS. An excuse to lay around and read is a beautiful thing.  

2. DōTERRA. I've been slathering myself in essential oils to try and head off whatever ick is trying to attach itself to me. And I smell goooooood. 

3. ICE CREAM. My poor throat needed it. 

4. MY MOM. Had a sweet little chat with Mumsie this evening. Moms rule. I'm sure I'm healed just by hearing her voice. 

5. EARLY BEDTIME. Presented without explanation. 

Five for Friday: HBIC World Domination Edition

I missed last 5ForFriday because we were saying goodbye to my little nanny--who was just shy of 100 and as sassy as ever right up 'til the end. And I bet you thought I was going to miss this one, too, because I'm posting so late in the day.

Nope. Not missing it. I'm living and loving* every minute of my Friday because of these five ladies: 

We are on a seekrit HBIC World Domination Tour aka a writing retreat in the middle of a picturesque spot in America. I've laughed myself hoarse, cried a little--maybe tinkled a little too--and have filled my well WAY UP. And it's just the first day. 

What happens at retreat stays at retreat...for the most part. But there are going to be some insta posts and stories. Make sure you follow me @WriterAHaughton

*and if you said, "no way Lexi. No way are you taking time out of your retreat to post this"--you're right. I scheduled it Thursday evening. But I'm still grateful for Laura, Mary Chris, Lindsay, Julia, and Lexy. HBICs4EVA

Book Sweeps Heartwarming Romance

THE LAST PLUS ONE (and a kindle!) is up for grabs on BookSweeps this week. 


TLPO is an anthology with three funny, heartwarming romances all set at the same society wedding on the east coast. 

Read more HERE

And don't forget I have a short story from last year's Valentine's Rewind Blog Hop you can read for f-r-e-e. <3

Galentine's Day HBIC Style

I'm celebrating my Galentines today by giving you all a little sneak peek of something rad...



I designed our #HBIC logo (still top secret) and put it on a mug with our motto (like it???) for our upcoming writing retreat. 

The best news? I ordered some extras for giveaways! Stay tuned, ye HBICs of planet earth.  

Until then: DREAM. DO. DOMINATE.  

Ringly: Wearable Tech for the Chic Set

Three weeks ago, I fell in love. (If you saw my first 5ForFri post or follow me on Instagram, then you already know how much I love my new smart ring from Ringly.)

I mean, how could I not be in love? I'm practically Elizabeth Taylor with this thing on my hand! 


A huge honkin' emerald AND wearable tech? Yeah. And it's fabulous.

Already, my productivity has spiked since I've been wearing it. I'm no longer constantly checking my phone for alerts because I've got a customized subtle vibration + LED light pattern on my finger, so I know what I can ignore and what I need to respond to lickety split. (With the swipe of a finger on my app, I can even silence everything but a reminder for me to get up and stretch while I'm working.)

My Ringly is also an activity tracker--which is the real reason I bought it. Since I am at my computer all day...and night...bracelets and I just don't get along. And my fitbit was SOOOOO ugly. But my Ringly will keep track of steps and calories for me. All while looking fabulous! 

So, of course, when I came out west last week, my mom was super envious of my new toy--I mean super practical productivity and fitness tool. Today, her cool mom status is kicked up a notch with the arrival of this Ocean Blue Beauty.

Lapis Ringly & Into the Woods Ringly

And those boxes? They're the chargers! How clever and darling is that? 

Okay, real talk, this isn't a promoted post because although I'm an influencer with my mom, I'm not a superfamousinstagrambloggerperson. BUT the links to Ringly in this post will get you $25 off your first purchase with them...and maybe some credit to go to my dream of having one for every single day of the week. ;) 

If you want to chat about how these will totally change your work day, drop me a line or @ me on Twitter. I'd love to share more with you about how I use it. <3